Unveiling the Artistic World of Jim Moir


Exploring Brushes, Techniques, and a TV Series

Step into the captivating artistic world of Jim Moir, where imagination knows no bounds. Jim’s creations have captivated audiences worldwide, from mesmerising paintings to thought-provoking sculptures. Today, we invite you to delve deeper into his artistic process and gain insight into the brushes and watercolours he used in his remarkable show.

Brushes that Weave Magic:

Jim Moir’s artistic brilliance is brought to life through a wide range of brushes that he meticulously selects for each artwork. His brush collection is a testament to his dedication to his craft. From fine details to bold strokes, Jim masterfully wields an array of brushes that include various sizes, shapes, and bristle types. The brushes he used in his show included the Cotman 3 Winsor & Newton, ProArte Series 60 Prolon, Pointed Wash Aquafine Daler Rowney, and Da Vinci Petit Gris Pur. Each brush contributes to the distinct textures and expressions found in his captivating artwork.

Vibrant Watercolors that Ignite the Imagination:

In his show, Jim Moir used a palette of vibrant watercolours to infuse his artwork with life and emotion. One particular watercolour brand that played a significant role in his creations was the Viviva Colorsheets. These portable sheets of intense pigments allowed Jim to explore a wide range of colours, enhancing the depth and impact of his paintings. With the ability to reactivate the colours effortlessly using a brush and water, he effortlessly brought his artistic visions to fruition.

Jim Moir’s Show: A Glimpse into Artistic Mastery

Jim Moir’s show was a testament to his artistic mastery and the materials he used played a crucial role in the realization of his vision. From the precision of the Cotman brushes to the expressive qualities of the Da Vinci Petit Gris Pur brushes, every stroke was a deliberate choice. The vibrant hues of the Viviva Colorsheets breathed life into his artwork, evoking emotions and immersing viewers in his artistic world.

Aspiring Artists, Take Inspiration:

For aspiring artists inspired by Jim Moir’s show and his choice of brushes and watercolours, we encourage you to explore a wide range of materials and discover the ones that resonate with your unique style and artistic expression. Experiment with different brushes and watercolour brands to find the perfect tools that will bring your creative visions to life.

Jim Moir’s show was an extraordinary display of artistic prowess, and the brushes and watercolours he used played an integral role in the creation of his stunning artworks. Embrace the endless possibilities of brushes and watercolours as you embark on your own artistic journey, and let your imagination soar.