Episode 5 of “Painting Birds with Jim and Nancy Moir” – Yorkshire


Episode 5 of "Painting Birds with Jim and Nancy Moir" features the stunning gannet on the East Yorkshire coast.

Join us for an exciting new episode of “Painting Birds with Jim and Nancy Moir” airing on May 17th at 9 PM on Sky Arts, Freeview channel 11, and Freesat channel 147. In this episode, Jim and Nancy venture to the mesmerizing East Yorkshire coast, accompanied by renowned artists Colin and Jess Self, as well as a special guest appearance by Jim’s mum, Audrey.

Prepare to be captivated by the beauty of the splendid gannet as Jim and Nancy immerse themselves in capturing its grace and allure. Against the backdrop of stunning coastal landscapes, they set up their easels, ready to paint these majestic birds in their natural habitat.

Witness the collaborative energy as Jim and Nancy collaborate with Colin and Jess Self, exchanging artistic insights and techniques. This artistic adventure showcases the rich artistic spirit and the unique wonders of the Yorkshire coast.

Tune in for an enchanting journey that celebrates the intersection of art and nature in this unmissable episode of “Painting Birds with Jim and Nancy Moir.”