Vic Reeves Art Book


This is the definitive collection of Jim’s art, featuring more than 200 pieces, including some of his best-known works as well as brand-new creations exclusive to the book

Crowdfunded by Unbound, Vic Reeves Art Book “is a compendium, a journey, a visual expedition through the mind of Jim Moir, aka the comedian, writer, artist, and national treasure Vic Reeves. The first collection of his work in a decade, this book is a wild ride of subject and media, ranging from pencil sketches to paintings, all in Jim’s distinctive style.”

“Although best known for his comedy character, Jim Moir’s passion is art and has been since childhood. His work has been described as Dada-esque by some, and ‘just for laughs’ by himself, but what’s clear in his work is how much he enjoys creating it. Whether it’s Sooty and Sweep unzipped and on the toilet, or fellow TV personalities rendered technicolour and grotesque, the humour and fun shines through in every brush stroke.”

VIC REEVES ART BOOK is the definitive collection of Jim’s work, featuring early work, some of his best-known pieces, and brand-new artwork created especially for this book and campaign. With over two hundred original pieces of Jim’s work, plus the chance for your face to be immortalised in Jim’s unique style and included in the book itself, this is a must-have for any and all Vic Reeves and Jim Moir fans.”


240 full colour pages of original artwork.

Featuring approximately 250 pieces, some never-before-seen.

Large, coffee table format – 201 x 254mm.

Hardback with head and tail bands.

Includes an introduction and commentary throughout from Jim on his work and process.


You can purchase the book from any major high street and online retailers

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