Pelton Community Primary School Create the Coronation Flower Colour Wheel, Inspired by Jim Moir


At Pelton Community Primary School in Durham, a burst of creativity has taken shape in the form of an extraordinary masterpiece.

Inspired by Jim Moir’s bird colour wheel, the students at Pelton Community Primary School in Durham have brought their own vision to life. Guided by their talented art teacher Jill Scott, each child’s contribution —over 200 hand-drawn and meticulously coloured flowers— has been thoughtfully arranged to create a vibrant and captivating Coronation Flower Colour Wheel.

The remarkable achievement, dedication and artistic flair exhibited by these young artists should be commended. The Coronation Flower Colour Wheel is not only a testament to their talent but also a celebration of their shared accomplishments as a school community.

Jim says “Well done for making this flower colour wheel inspired by my bird colour wheel. Every child in the school contributed and I think it’s amazing. Well done.”