Painting Birds: Long-eared Owl – Episode 3 on Sky Arts


Get Ready for Episode 3 of Painting Birds With Jim And Nancy Moir!

Are you ready for the next episode of Painting Birds With Jim And Nancy Moir? We’re excited to announce that episode 3 is airing on Wednesday 3rd at 9 pm on Sky Arts (Freeview Channel 11, Freesat 147). In this episode, Jim and Nancy will be joined by the music legend Jools Holland and local artist David Hunt as they travel to Kent to paint the stunning long-eared owl.

The long-eared owl is a fascinating bird with striking features, and Jim and Nancy will use their expertise to capture its beauty on paper. They’ll share their tips and techniques for painting with watercolours and demonstrate how to bring the owl to life on the page.

Jools Holland, a renowned musician and avid birdwatcher, will bring his unique perspective to the show as he joins Jim and Nancy in their artistic journey. David Hunt, a local artist, will also offer his insights into painting the Kent countryside and its native wildlife.

Episode 3 promises to be an exciting and inspiring experience for both bird enthusiasts and art lovers. With Jim and Nancy’s expert guidance and the addition of Jools Holland and David Hunt, it’s sure to be a show you won’t want to miss.

Tune in to Sky Arts on Wednesday 3rd at 9 pm to watch Painting Birds With Jim And Nancy Moir episode 3 and witness the beauty of the long-eared owl come to life on paper. Don’t forget to set your reminders and join us for this exciting episode!