Bob Mortimer Joins Jim and Nancy Moir in Festive Painting Birds Reunion


A Heartwarming Christmas Special Full of Feathers, Art, and Laughter

Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, the beloved comedy duo, reunite on-screen after many years, with Mortimer making a special guest appearance on the upcoming “Painting Birds With Jim And Nancy Moir Christmas special.”

The festive episode, set at the enchanting Penshurst Place in Kent, promises a delightful journey as the Moirs seek out feathered friends for the holidays. From befriending a Snowy Owl to creating an artistic rendition of the Robin alongside old pal Bob Mortimer, the special takes an unexpected turn with the Waxwing stealing Jim and Nancy’s hearts as the quintessential Christmas bird. Joining forces with their daughters, Liz and Nel, the quartet embarks on an enchanting adventure to Finland, where they search for these beautiful creatures feasting on berries. Along the way, traditional decorations are crafted with a Lappish artist in a magical cottage, and an attempt to recreate the Northern Lights on canvas takes place around a nocturnal campfire in the forest.

Don’t miss the heartwarming holiday special! “Painting Birds With Jim And Nancy Moir” will air on December 20th at 8 pm on Sky Arts, also available on Freeview.

For a sneak peek and a lively discussion on the most iconic festive bird, check out the preview clip below:

Get ready for a Christmas celebration filled with feathers, art, and the joyous company of Jim and Nancy Moir, joined by the special presence of Bob Mortimer!