Ben Addison – Check Him Out


Ben Addison is an artist that I really like.


Born in  the 60’s to a fashion designer and an interior designer, my (happy) childhood was shrouded in cigarette smoke, perfume, big hair, Beatles, Sinatra, tv, film, skateboarding and perhaps most of all, drawing. I studied graphic design and illustration before launching various music groups from the 80’s onward: Brigandage, the Knives, Boyswonder, (the same time as I first met Jim Moir), and Corduroy (still active).

I’ve always been interested in painting but never knew what I wanted to paint. In 2016 Frank Bauer introduced me to oil paint and suddenly all those childhood drawings of cars with speed lines behind them seemed relevant again. Still very interested in representing movement, I also enjoy making portraits and painting scenes from previous decades’ pop culture, representing changes in style, design and social attitudes. I’ve done commissions of all kinds but am motivated mainly by exciting and dramatic sounds and images.

Instagram: benaddisonart, benfromcorduroy4
Facebook: ben addison